About Kinesiology

Neuroenergetic Kinesiology is a holistic healthcare approach, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic knowledge and muscle monitoring to determine “stressors” or imbalances within the body.

These can be related to mental or emotional states or physical issues.

Kinesiology provides a non-invasive way to bring your body/mind/spirit back to balance diffusing the stress in the nervous system. 


Kinesiology may assist with:

Chronic disease / fatigue

Physical pain

Emotional issues

A feeling of “stuckness”

Allergies and sensitivities

Learning difficulties




Benefits of Kinesiology

Pain release

Drug free


No unwanted side-effects



Daphne Picq

Having studied Marketing in France, I went on to work for several years in the communications industry, within various agencies and corporations, both in France and Hong Kong. 

Eight years ago, I moved to Hong Kong where I discovered Kinesiology. Having suffered for some time from an uncomfortable but not serious ailment which conventional medicine could not relieve, I began to practice these techniques on myself, and within two sessions, the symptoms disappeared never to return again.

Convinced by the benefits of this practice, and having a long standing desire to work in an area of benefit to others, I decided to become qualified myself. 

I studied Kinesiology with Hugo Tobar, founder of Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology and Brett Scott in Hong Kong, and I am now a certified Kinesiologist from the “Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Institute” of Australia.

My goal is to help you regain balance in physical, mental and emotional well being. 


"Are you at peace with yourself and your expectations? This is the goal I would like to help you attain, and in doing so, release physical, psychological and emotional pain."



How can I help you ?

A kinesiology session focuses on identifying and releasing emotional stress related to particular issues. By combining dialogue and muscle testing along the body’s meridians, I will help realign your body and mind, and address symptoms related to illness or pain, in order to ease or even eliminate these and restore balance and harmony.

60 min session

Face to face or remote 

Remote sessions work pretty much the same way as face-to-face sessions, except that we are not in the same room.

1. We connect with a call to clarify the purpose of the session.

2. You sit back, relax, and enter a receptive state.

3. I connect with you energetically and surrogate for you for the time of the session and do the muscle testing on myself instead of you. 

4. Afterwards, I give you my feedback of the session as for a face to face one. 


Professional, talented, impressive

"Very professional during the session, Daphne asks very few questions, each sharply accurate, and just asks to relax while she works on you. 

I was very impressed by the improvement I experienced, starting immediately after the session."  

Gaële R., Legal Practitioner

I had been struggling with migraines and headaches spanning almost a year. After my first session with Daphne they had disappeared, and after 3 sessions I feel much more balanced. I have had both face to face and remote sessions, both with equally great results”. 

Evelyn N., Project Manager

"I do not know where to start...Daphne has been amazing, she has really helped me in so many ways. In particular she helped me with migraines, back pains and sleeping problems. She feels where I have pain tension or anxiety and more often than not, she takes it away!
She is so well trained and I cannot recommend her enough.
Thank you Daphne!"

Diane M., Interior Designer

"I was pretty new to kinesiology when I was introduced to it by Daphne, but I trusted her approach, and even if I don’t understand everything that is happening in a session, she clearly knows what she is doing. Above all, I found the space where she receives client to be a safe place for healing in the hands of a discrete yet deep listener practitioner."

Marie C., certified Coach 


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