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Something to know about emotions...

The present situation has brought us all face to face with our emotions. Therefore, I would like to share with you some mechanisms of dealing with our emotions that I have observed in my practice as a kinesiologist.

This discipline, based on energy work, promotes well-being and physical, mental and emotional balance, by asking the body questions. The emotions blocked there lead to tensions, which may result in the onset of physical or mental discomfort and also illnesses.

Emotions are beneficial through their role as messengers. I will mention just a few:

- Anger tells us about injustice.

- Sadness is there to tell us that one period or phase is coming to an end and another is beginning.

- Fear tells us that something bad is about to happen.

- Boredom asks us to find new challenges.

- Joy is a state of ecstasy due to a balance sought and found.

However, too much emotion leads to negative reactions. Excess anger turns into rage, excess joy into elation, etc., and this process activates and creates tension in the various systems of the body (digestive, cardiovascular, hormonal, respiratory) in an excessive and dangerous way if the tension is prolonged.

But where do these emotions come from?

They are the response to a physiological need (such as hunger, sleep or security) and/or a psychological need (e.g. love, recognition, belonging).

Take the example of the need for sleep. It can be due to night work, the birth of a child, or insomnia because thoughts are spinning in our heads. In any case, our emotions easily take over. Sadness, anger, fear ... our reactions become excessive, impulsive, and make us unable to respond with hindsight to a situation. The cause of this need is not the same, however.

Another example: we may be hungry because it is time to eat, we have not eaten for six hours; but food can also be our way of dealing with anxiety or a lack.

To stop this vicious circle, it is essential to identify the cause behind the manifestation of need.

The cause, the need and the emotions are intimately linked. Emotions give us a way to identify the need and then the cause. Moreover, ignoring them can lead to exhaustion, (chronic) fatigue, and even more serious conditions like depression.

In kinesiology, we ask the body questions to uncover the cause, the need and the emotions, rebalance the energy and thus initiate a process of beneficial changes. Pain, skin problems, weight problems, sleep problems… all are just symptoms of deeper imbalances.

I will elaborate in my next posts on the mechanisms for dealing with our emotions that I have observed in my practice. Anger will be the first theme.

* Illustration Clemence Renault,

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