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How to support the healing power of our body? (1/4)

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Energy and the power of joy

I'm Daphne Picq. I certified from the "Neuro Energetic Kinesiology institute" in Australia and I work as a kinesiologist in Singapore. I discovered Kinesiology in HK, that helped me recover from a so far never-cured gastric reflux issue. I was so relieved and grateful that I decided to leave my full time job in a marketing agency to become qualified myself.

I have studied Kinesiology in particular with Hugo Tobar, founder of Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology, and Brett Scott, founder of Kinesiology Asia HK.

I am also certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and trained in Body Talk, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Reflexology Therapy among others. It’s been 8 years now, I have brought my knowledge and experience to children and adults, singles and couples… helping out with chronic disease or pain, fatigue, allergies, self-esteem issues, depression, …

I would like to share with you my discoveries and learnings through the prism of kinesiology, my research on the subject and my experiences.

For me, talking about energy and how it affects our bodies is essential, because letting it circulate freely allows us to be healthy. Why? We will see.

Energy is one of the simplest elements of physics, yet one of the most difficult to define. According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is the ‘power or force derived from the exploitation of physical and chemical resources’. Most simply put, we could say it’s our fuel. The Chinese speak of Qi, the Indians of Prana, and Westerners of vital energy. This energy flows both within us and outside of us.

Everything is energy, movement, vibratory frequencies and density. Everything is connected, and we are all interconnected.

The energy within us is fed by the air we breathe, the food we eat, the rest we take. It enables us to live, act and think... and certain ways of living and thinking consume more of it. Dwelling on a problem or a thought is extremely tiring and uses up a lot of energy. In my practice, I often see people who are suffering from migraines or chronic fatigue. Most of the time, these are due to excessive rumination of thoughts, and often associated with negative self-judgment.

The emotional and mental planes are not the only ones we need to listen to. If we take the body as an example, we only have one in this life. To live a long and full life, it's best to take care of it, giving it the rest it needs, eating healthy, unprocessed food, and engaging in physical activity suited to the stage of life we're in... all the while letting go of the guilt of not always doing everything perfectly. And the essential ingredient in all this, to give it all flavour, is joy. Not necessarily always, all the time, more intense each time, but in little touches as often as possible. Without it, we may have an impeccable lifestyle, but our wellness strategy is doomed to failure. Perpetual struggle and constraint create an imbalance that can lead first to discomfort, and then to illness, if that discomfort persists.

I have, for example, a patient who came to me with recurring headaches. We looked for commonalities between the migraine episodes, without success, but her level of stress and tension was very high. One of the blockages in particular was linked to her need for perfection. Her mind was obsessed with the belief that the slightest mistake could be fatal. As a result, she was constantly in ‘survival mode’. Her mind was spinning with this fear, and as she was starting a new job, the pressure had increased. What's more, she had a conviction stemming from childhood that she had no right to make a mistake, otherwise her father would reject her. After several sessions, she was able to free herself from this belief thanks to an awareness and release of the emotional charge associated with it. She also gave herself permission to look at her desires, to put more pleasure and less duty into her life, to go with the flow and to stay in control without tensing up.

It's impossible to live without any constraints, but it's important to create moments of joy, to choose happiness. Yes, it's also a question of choice. Sometimes we need to change our way of seeing things. We're not all born with the same capacity for joy, it sometimes takes effort, a change of perspective, but it's a matter of practice. We can start with simple, fairly tangible satisfactions: successfully baking a cake, solving a maths problem, giving a presentation, organizing an event, contemplating nature... After that, we can move on to recognizing how far we've come, and – a little more challenging – seeing the positive in an event we consider negative, thanking ourselves for the experiences we've had. It’s worth it, I can tell you: my glass was almost always empty, but today it's much fuller, and life is much sweeter for it. Of course, some moments are easier than others.

So, to improve our health and well-being, we need to find our own personal way of nourishing our energy and joy... through sport, reading, cooking, meditation, walking, professional fulfilment and so on. It's up to us to search for ourselves and choose what suits us best.

*Illustration Clemence Renault,

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