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We project onto the world what is happening inside us.

How to support the healing power of our body? (4/4)

Everything is connected and interconnected. We are all linked to each other. What is inside us is reflected outside, and vice versa. Have you ever had the experience of meeting a friend who is angry or sad, then leaving them feeling angry or sad yourself? This phenomenon is explained by resonance with others’ experiences and emotions. This is what we call empathy. It's the equivalent of transmitting what we have inside us.

Whether it's adaptation or empathy, we absorb what's around us and we also give out. A short film from 2019 illustrates this idea well. The plot goes like this: a young woman wakes up one morning in her apartment with a small grey ball in her hands; she is tired, sad, in a bad mood. She goes out into the street, bumps into a man and acts aggressively. The man collects a small grey ball too. He goes to the grocery and is himself aggressive towards another customer who also ends up with a small grey ball, and so on. Finally, the young woman from the beginning gets a new little grey ball. She goes home, and we can see that her apartment is full of them. She decides to paint the balls yellow, with a smile. The next day, she meets the same gentleman, smiles at him and gives him a smiley ball. The man smiles back, and so on.

So we give the world what we want to give it. It's true – and yet it's not that simple. We may want to give joy and love to those around us but be unable to, because of various restrictions or blockages such as stress, lack of sleep, poor diet. On other levels, we might be held back by our fears, our beliefs about ourselves (I'm not good enough, I'm not lovable…), our wounds rooted in childhood, our family history, our life experiences, the social context, and so on. In an aggressive environment, the gentlest person ends up becoming aggressive.

All this gives rise to more or less toxic behaviour and blockages in the circulation of our energy flow, and/or energy leaks. That's why we experience fatigue, headaches, allergies, pain, chronic infections… in a word, illnesses.

There are various ways to free up the flow of energy and support our health and well-being. We need to select what resonates most with us at a particular time in our lives, knowing that nothing is set in stone. We can choose to focus on one level of our being, while knowing that we will need to explore the others (see our article on the four planes of exploration):

Physical: by eating unprocessed food, getting enough sleep, engaging in physical activity in line with our age and physical condition, etc.

Emotional and/or mental: by identifying certain behaviours or thoughts that are holding us back.

Spiritual: by accepting what is.

For example, one of my patients believed that he could not earn more than his father. As a result, he failed to get any of the promotions he was eligible for, until he became aware of this belief and freed himself from it.

So, it's like carrying a backpack full of stones from point A to point B. We can choose to treasure all these stones, or we can drop a few along the way so that we can move forward more lightly and let energy flow freely. It takes courage to embrace the unknown and let go of the known, even if the latter is uncomfortable and toxic. Everyone advances at their own pace, based on their own story. We only choose to move when our situation no longer suits us. And since the journey is ultimately more important than the destination, why not bring some joy into it!

Probably the best way to do this is to be kind and curious in our relationships with others and with ourselves. This will free up the flow of energy, the healing power of the body and bring positivity to our environment.


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