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Let the Joy flow!

Joy is the final theme of this series on emotions, drawn from my experiences as a kinesiologist.

Joy is that state of balance that we constantly seek to achieve, and which leads to happiness. It is an emotion that responds to the fulfilment of a need, an expectation, a desire.

Happiness is a feeling that lasts. We could say that it results from the time we dedicate to our joy and to our ability to be positive.

When we feel joy, the body relaxes and secretes dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins and our intellectual capacities increase. The heart opens and we shine.

Our goal is to reach this state as often as possible and to stay at this point of equilibrium as long as possible. It's a bit like surfing, catching the right wave and staying on top. It takes practice, a lot of practice. We do not catch the right wave straight away; it takes hours of practice, as well as good weather conditions at the time. And we can't stay on the crest all the time. We have to come down to go back up. Such satisfaction when it works, it is even beautiful to watch... just like when we are happy, it is beautiful to see. The brain is a muscle and therefore it can be worked as such, to stay as long as possible with joy.

Our emotions are linked to our thoughts and perceptions of events. It is therefore interesting to play on and with our perceptions, to learn to be optimistic and positive in order to be able to capture moments of joy.

Whatever happens, we can look for the positive and a way to find joy. Some situations are more difficult than others and require an extra effort from us. The anger that sometimes gnaws at us is a hindrance for joy, just like the sadness that suffocates us or the fear that paralyzes us. Thus, it is useful to understand where our hang-ups lie and what emotions or blockages hinder us, in order to more effectively free ourselves from them.

Kinesiology can be a way of unloading our backpack of emotions, physical or mental suffering, habits and ways of acting that hinder us, prevent our progress or at least slow us down on our journey to joy and happiness. It is an interesting tool of exploration since we examine our subconscious through the body, which contains all of our personal and family history. Sometimes, by looking for the needs that are expressed behind our physical pains, our modes of functioning and our emotions, we open ourselves more easily to joy. It is contagious, so let's not be stingy with our joy!

* Illustration Clemence Renault,

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