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The Urgent need to take our time.

I would like to approach the question of time from two angles: taking time to look after our bodies and taking time to listen to them.

Firstly, we urgently need to slow down. Our current way of life in developed countries puts our bodies under intense and sometimes excessive strain, often for too long a time. This over-activates our adrenal glands and the whole endocrine system, which in turn impacts all the other systems in our bodies. In order to take a break, unconsciously, we create our illnesses. That is, based on our stress levels, dispositions or predispositions and blocked emotions, the body sends a message indicating that it is less and less able to cope.

As long as this signal is not heard or understood, it grows stronger until it can no longer be ignored. It ranges from the common cold to autoimmune diseases, sleep problems and skin diseases. In the case of depression, the body goes into "low power mode" to recharge its batteries. The state of depression must be temporary, even if it is sometimes difficult to pull ourselves out of it and return to the "full power mode" of active life. We may feel daunted by the effort it takes.

When an illness, physical or mental, is diagnosed, medical treatment is often necessary to eliminate the symptoms. Ideally the healing process should be supported by psychological and energy therapy as follow-up.

Once the crisis has passed, it is interesting to ask the questions: "Why this illness?" and "Why now?" Here again, a number of techniques, especially energy techniques such as kinesiology, can be supportive and provide you with answers, helping you get rid of toxic habits.

We are responsible for the means we use to emerge from the illness. And while it is important and common to ask questions after the crisis, it is also extremely interesting to do so before. It's never too late and never too early either.

This brings me to my second point: it is urgent to take time to listen to what our body is telling us – before, during and after illness.

Our body always sends us signals, messages that we must choose to listen to and decipher. And for that, we need to take time, because looking into ourselves and our pain requires patience and calmness.

This pandemic is an ordeal that has also offered us some gifts. It has confronted us with ourselves, sometimes brutally. We have had to deal with difficult, painful situations, parts of us that we would have preferred to continue ignoring.

And it's also a chance to review our priorities and reflect on our lives, what is important and what we tolerate. Covid is still there, but the time out it gave us is coming to an end, or has already ended.

We will now have to choose to pay attention to our bodies, to take time to consciously examine ourselves, without guilt, according to our possibilities and our means. Perhaps we can take a little time out every day, a weekend, a vacation or career break, a drink with friends or a run … whatever works for us.

It is ultimately a joy to take the time to look after and listen to our body – because we only have one and it is our best

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